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Lucy Alyse is an acrylic painter and mixed media artist currently in Ypsilanti, MI. Since childhood, she has used art as a tool for expression and an outlet for her energy. Around 2018, she started to paint more often, finding a lot of joy and freedom in it. In 2019, she took a one way flight with her partner to work part time on a flower farm in Hawai’i and dedicate the majority of her time to painting. A year later, she headed to the mountains; living, working, and painting in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. Now, back in her home state of Michigan, she enjoys spending time with friends and family,  dancing, exploring the woods, and going to festivals. Lucy’s work is inspired by the beautiful places she has traveled to, as well as the charms of her beautiful home state; and all of the loving connections she has made along the way.

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